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Registered users who have not yet received upgrade information should contact us to find out how to receive an upgrade to PRS v1.20
If you haven't yet upgraded, now is a great time!

PRS is a fully customized production database for theatrical play production which provides a framework for breaking down and managing the various elements related to a play's scenes, and is particularly useful for creating actor/character rehearsal schedules.

On June 20, 2001 the Full 1.00 Version of PRS -  Play Rehearsal Scheduler received its initial release for those in Theater.  To get an impartial view of this exciting new product, please take a look at the review of PRS in the June/July issue of Stage Directions Magazine.  Since then, it has received numerous upgrades and enhancements in response to suggestions and requests from users.  It is currently in its 1.20 version, released in November, 2007.

PRS was originally written to keep track of characters within the scenes of a typical three-act play, musical, or series of one-act plays, so that lists of selected cast/time/place information could be automatically generated during the rehearsal period.  Eventually requests came to add prop, costume, music, and technical information within the scenes, so that the entire cast and crew came to know the requirements of each scene in a gradual, organized fashion throughout the rehearsal process.

What were the immediate results of using this software? Actors knew their time commitment and responsibilities for each day of rehearsal.  Importantly, the actors displayed high morale and a sense of professionalism, and "waiting around in rehearsal" was dramatically reduced.  The crew were able to incorporate the production elements earlier, and the director was less frazzled with scheduling problems and more able to rehearse each scene until it shone. Most beneficially, the cast and crew were supported by the software right through performances, as up-to-date scene information was posted backstage, in the sound/lighting booths, and in the dressing room. Regardless of whether the show consisted of 15 actors in a straight play with 4 technical crew members, or 48 actors in a musical play that featured an orchestra in the pit, everyone working on the production was supported by the software.


PRS possesses enough power and capability to manage professional theater productions as well as college or high school productions.  At Onset, we are now ready to offer the software to you for your production needs, and to be your most useful tool during rehearsal!  Download a demo to see what it can do for you.


"Starring" Features of PRS -

bulletEntry forms simplify "breaking down" a script into its elements.
bulletScene Copy feature speeds information input for similar scenes.
bullet Organizes your production in 3 steps with browse, breakdown and reports.
bullet Creates rehearsal schedules with the touch of a finger.
bulletProvides your stage manager with up-to-the-minute data to use during performances.
bulletProvides the sound and light crew with a easy-to-read supplement to their script notes.
bullet Projects a professional rather than amateur aura.
bulletEngenders high morale for actors and production crew.
bulletSupports actors and crew right through to the last performance.
bulletEasily keeps track of sets, props and costumes throughout the play as well as for returns when the production is completed.
bulletMore than 60 pre-designed report forms provide numerous ways to view and distribute important information.
bulletIncluded backup utility simplifies keeping your files safe.
bulletFiles your script preparation for future productions.
bulletSets a standard of organization appreciated by administration and other departments.

PRS v1.20 is now available!

See what industry publications are writing about PRS:

Stage Directions Magazine                  

For users of PRS v1.00, you can download the 1.00b upgrade file from this website, and then use your password to expand and install it.

NOTE: Beta Pricing remained in effect until 6/20/2001, at which point the release price of $89.00 (US) went into effect.

Available through the Samuel French and Baker's Plays catalogues, Drama Bookstore and Media Services in NYC, as well as through this website.

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