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About OnSet Software

OnSet Software is the producer of a series of software programs designed to help manage film, video, and theater productions.  Since 1992, OnSet Software has been providing custom software solutions designed to meet specific needs in the film and theater communities.  These projects were initially spreadsheet templates for budgeting and other computational tasks, which  rapidly transitioned into a stand-alone suite of DOS-based utilities, originally previewed at Show-Biz Expo in 1993 and generated a small but loyal following.

OnSet Software moved forward to begin creating programs to run on network environments within the Windows operating system in 1997.  Our current products are outgrowths of the research and development performed in creating customized programs during this period.  Programs from OnSet Software are currently being utilized throughout the United States and Canada as well as in Europe and Asia.

Most of our current program offerings are stand-alone databases which feature rapid access to large quantities of data, and provide multiple ways of viewing, analyzing, cross-referencing and printing  this information.  These programs utilize a browse/ update/ report structure, which provides the possibility of multiple simultaneous views to provide rapid access to numerous levels of diverse data.  Once you start using one of the programs, you will be surprised just how easy it can make your data management.

The programs have been designed by David Sperling, an award-winning Director of Photography for television series, feature films, and commercials.  They have been produced in collaboration with working directors, producers, production personnel, and crewmembers; and are a direct outgrowth of programs written to fulfill specific production needs,  structured with the production process in mind.

Because we are working professionals and not full time programmers, the process of developing a slate of programs has been a slow one, typically in the 12-18 month range for each program.  Consequently, and we apologize in advance, there may be brief delays in returning your messages because of the limited number of hours in the day.  We are, however, totally committed to making your experience with the programs a pleasurable one.

Limited demo versions of some of the programs are available as downloads through this website.  The demos do not have all the features of the registered versions of the programs, but if you start working with the demo versions you can get a feel for their usefulness, and later upgrade to the full registered versions of the program.  Registering a program will give you the full release version, provide you with enhanced functionality, a printable manual, better help files, and entitle you to a year of free updates and email help.

Other beta software may be available on a limited trial basis, with subscription to the beta program required after a specific length of time.  In these cases, beta program subscription provides the registered the registered user with upgrades and help support, as well as the full version of the program when released.