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The Actor Audition Manager

Do you ever feel like you're buried under a mountain of headshots?  Having trouble trying to remember which audition you really liked -- and what casting tape it was on?  Need to find an actor with special skills?  Whether managing a casting call with hundreds of actors, or just trying to fill that one elusive spot in the chorus, help manage the complexity of the casting process with Castology - The Actor Audition Manager.

Currently in its 'Alpha' phase, Castology is rapidly adding features and becoming increasingly valuable.

Here's a quick list of what Castology can do for you:

Actors database - Maintain a database of all the actors you have auditioned.

Special Skills - Not only can skills and ability level be linked to an actor, but lists of actors with the specific skill can be retrieved instantaneously.

Actor Experience database - When linking experience to an actor, you have access to additional data for the production, and can add notes about their performance.

Actor Fitting information - Keep all measurements for quick retrieval.

( QuickPix - Use your webcam to capture a day-of-audition reference picture.) - Not yet implemented

Head Shots - Link as many picture files as you want to any actor - pick one of them as a 'main picture'

Media Files - Link media files (audio or video) to actors, and launch a player window from within Castology -- perfect for voice samples and video clips of special skills!

Contact Lists - Phone, address and email lists for actors, production personnel, etc.

Productions Database - Production information for the projects being cast.

'Other' Productions - Information about projects that show up as Actor Experience.

Audition Scheduling - Schedule your auditions.

Manage auditions for numerous productions simultaneously.

View schedules in list, tree or calendar formats.

Numerous actors can each have their own time within a single audition.

Locations - Keep a database of places where auditions and casting will take place.

Manage numerous 'rooms' at the same location.

Keep room dimensions and characteristics data (mirrors, windows, air conditioning, etc.)

Link pictures to rooms to help choose the right location for your activities.

Audition Evaluations - Judging forms contain numerous criteria for judgment.

Virtually unlimited number of evaluators.

Create your own evaluation categories.

Allow evaluators to network for immediate entry.

For 'non-computer' auditions, pre-print customized evaluation forms with known actor data already on form.

Audition Tape Library - Keep track of who is where and on what audition tape.

Offers Database - Track not only offers made to actors, but their status.

Of course there are a few parts of the casting process we can't quite duplicate -- we don't recommend using the dartboard decision process on your computer screen (though it can still work with printouts), and throwing your computer up in the air to see who lands on top may not reap satisfactory results...