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Demo Downloads

Here are the downloadable files for the demo programs.

If you are looking for the release version downloads, please refer to the email you received from us containing your unlock codes.

Alpha and Beta testers: your latest program versions can be found here.

The demo versions are designed to give you a feel for what can be done with the programs, but most of the report (printing) capabilities have been disabled.  Help support and backup utility options are also not included in the demo packages.  What you will find, however, is that test data has been included as part of the install so you will immediately get a sense of the level of management control the programs provide for you.  If you want to use a demo program to start entering data for your upcoming production, consult the readme file provided with the program for more details on how to eliminate the test data and enter your own.

If you like the demos and are ready to upgrade to the full version of the program, including electronic manual and e-mail support, please go to our Order Form.


M3S -- Millennium Movie Management System    [Go To M3S Info Page]    
Download Demo (Beta v0.34)  (coming soon)        Product Datasheet (PDF)
Download Sample M3S Data Files

PTL -- Production Tape Library                       [Go To PTL Info Page]    
Download Demo (Beta v0.34)  (coming soon)

PRS -- Play Rehearsal Scheduler                      [Go To PRS Info Page]    
Download PRS Demo  (Includes sample data files and v1.10 manual) 
    (This is the demo for PRS v1.10  ---   August 31, 2002) 
Product Datasheet (PDF)
PRS v1.10a Manual 

PRS v1.20 Manual

PRS Tutorial

PRS Sample Tutorial

        PRS Product Upgrades

OsDos -- Film Utilities (DOS Based)                [Go To OsDos Info Page]
Download Demo    (coming soon)                    


Product datasheets are provided in the .PDF file format.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to be able to read pdf files.

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free directly from their website.


NOTE:  The files you download are installation programs which must be run to install the demo program on your computer.  After downloading, run the program (.exe) file and follow the prompts included in the installation program.  It will place an OnSet Software program group under your Start Menu.  If you wish to remove an installed program from your system at a later time, use the Add/Remove Programs feature from your Windows Control Panel.